Kilvin is a set of universal & primtivie Layout Components for React.
It is build with Fela and requires a working react-fela setup. It is intended to be used in projects that use Fela anyways.

Each Component is carefully crafted and well tested in production.

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npm i --save kilvin

Assuming you are using npm as your package mananger you can npm install all packages.
Otherwise we also provide UMD builds for each package within the dist folder. You can easily use them via unpkg.

<!-- Kilvin (Development): Unminified version including all warnings -->
<script src=""></script>
<!-- Kilvin (Production): Minified version -->
<script src=""></script>



Join us on Gitter. We highly appreciate any contribution.
We also love to get feedback.


Kilvin is licensed under the MIT License.
Documentation is licensed under Creative Common License.
Created with ♥ by @rofrischmann and all the great contributors.

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